Formuler Z8 Vs Z10: Which Suppress the Other!

If you are confused between Z10 and Z8, you are not alone. Many individuals find it difficult to choose the right Android TV Box for themselves. It gets tougher, especially when you have so many different options available.

When it comes to choosing between Z10 and Z8, you may wonder which one suppresses the other. For your information, Z10 came after Z8. It is an improved device with better streaming service and codec than Z8. Needless to say, it is also pricier.

Talking about Formuler Z10 has multiple versions available. These include Z10 Pro Max, Z10 Pro, and Z10SE. On the other hand, Z8 has only one version.

If we talk about the processor, Z10 uses ARM Cortex A55, and Z8 has ARM Cortex A53. Z10 also has a higher memory capacity than Z8.

To be able to choose between the two, you need to first understand the difference in their features. We will be doing exactly that in this article.

Quick Comparison Of Formuler Z8 Vs Z10

It is understandable if you don’t want to read long paragraphs and get straight to the point. This is why we have prepared a quick comparison chart for our readers.

Comparison Of Formuler Z8 Vs Z10

Factor Z8 Z10
Version Z8 Pro Z10 SE, Z10 Pro Max, Z10 Pro, Z10
Processor Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core ARM Cortex A55
MYTVOnline 2 MYTVOnline 2 MYTVOnline 2
RAM 2GB DDR 2GB DDR, and 4GB DDR for Z10 Pro Max
Internal Storage 16GB eMMC 4-32GB eMMc
AV1 Codec Absent Present
H265 Decoding 4k at 60 fps 4k at 60 fps
Memory Expansion No  Yes, but only Z10 Pro Max and Z10 Pro
$k 10-bit Decoding Yes Yes
Ethernet 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Operating System Android 7 Android 10
Wi-Fi Connection Wireless 802.11 ac Wireless 802.11 ac
Remote IR Bluetooth
Connection S/PDIF, IR Extension, HDMI HDMI for all versions, and IR Extension only for Z10 Pro Max, Z10 Pro
Price Range $90-$100 $100-$170


Detailed Comparison Between Z8 vs Z10

Comparison Between Z8 vs Z10

The above chart is not enough to help you understand the difference between Z8 and Z10. In this section, we will take a closer look at the important factors and clear all your doubts. Anyone who is planning to purchase Z8 or Z10 may find this comparison helpful.

  • Product Versions

As we said at the beginning of this article, Z8 has only one version which is Z8 Pro. With 16GB of memory storage, it ensures an enhanced IPTV viewing experience. What we like about this Android TV box is that it can handle a range of services and apps through the Playstore.

Z10, on the other hand, is a step ahead as it offers multiple choices to users. It has a total of four versions, including Z10 Pro Max, Z10 Pro, Z10, and Z10 SE. It’s a no-brainer that the Z10 Pro Max is the most advanced model of them all. However, if you would prefer the basic model, then it’s Z10 for you.

The benefit of choosing Z10 over Z8 is the availability of multiple versions. Each model in the Z10 series offers something unique to enhance your user experience. To get a better idea about the Z10 models, refer to the chart below.

Factor Z10 Z10 SE Z10 Pro Z10 Pro Max
Internal Storage 8GB 4GB 16GB 32GB

Based on the above chart you can choose a suitable model for yourself. The price of Z10 models will vary depending on the version you choose. While Z10 Pro Max is the most expensive, Z10 is more on the affordable side.

  • RAM Configuration

Having enough RAM is crucial for the smooth functioning of any device. The same applies to Z8 and Z10 Android TV Boxes as well. In this case, Z8 offers 2GB of DDR4 RAM. For those who don’t know DDR4 is the upgraded version of DDR3, meaning it’s faster and more efficient.

We believe the 2GB RAM is good enough for multitasking. You can run more than one app at a time without causing the device to lag.

As far as Z10 is concerned, it offers different RAM capacities based on the versions. While Z10, Z10 Pro, and Z10 SE offer 2GB of RAM, Z10 Pro Max ensures 4GB of RAM for smoother operation. The good thing is the entire models offer DDR4 RAM.

You see, the higher the RAM, the better the performance. With Z10 series models, you can enjoy improved performance and multitasking. Additionally, it resolves issues related to Stbemu fast forward.

  • Processor

Now let’s talk about the processor which is the most important part of any device. Formuler Z8 comes with an ARM Cortex A53 processor with four cores. The Z10, on the other hand, is equipped with an ARM Cortex A55 processor also with four cores.

It should be noted that Z8 was released before Z10. This should pretty much explain why the latter has a more advanced quad-core processor. The ARM Cortex A55 processor has a better architecture and performance than the ARM Cortex A53 processor.

What makes A55 architecture a better choice is the level of performance and efficiency. Although both processors have four cores, A55 is better than A53.

The difference in the processor is what enables Z10 to deliver higher performance even at a lower clock speed. So if you want better performance and speed, opting for Z10 models would be a better choice. 

In our opinion, having a better processor helps improve your IPTV viewing experience. Additionally, it reduces buffering issues on Beast TV.

  • Decoding-AV1 Codec

Coming to the AV1 codec factor, it is not supported by Z8. As a result, it cannot play AV1 videos. AV1 codec enables devices to run high-quality videos even at lower bitrates. Unfortunately, that’s not available in Z8.

Being an advanced Android TV Box, Z10 offers support for AV1 codec. It means it can decode and deliver high-quality content in AV1 format. It also makes payback possible.

The lack of AV1 codec support in Z8 is one of the major reasons why many users prefer Z10. It offers them more flexibility and a better experience.

  • Memory Expansion

When choosing between Z10 and Z8, you must also consider the memory expansion factor. It is disappointing to know that Z8 doesn’t support memory expansion. It means you cannot expand the memory storage to improve performance. It comes with 16GB of in-built storage with no memory expansion option.

However, you don’t have to deal with such things when choosing Z10. All the Z10 models offer memory expansion options. This allows users to increase the memory storage based on their requirements. All you need to do is connect a hard drive or USB driver to increase the memory.

The option to expand memory storage offers great convenience to users. Utilizing this feature will help you to store more files, m3u playlists, apps, etc. Well, this is another reason to opt for Z10.

  • Operating System

When it comes to the operating system, both Z10 and Z8 operate on Android OS. But there’s a slight difference. Z10 uses the latest Android 10 OS, and Z8 has Android 7 OS. Once again, Z10 is the winner.

There’s no doubt that Android is one of the best operating systems in the world. It allows you to run a range of apps and services. Compared to other operating systems, Android is more reliable and stable.

The difference between Android 10 and Android 7 operating systems likes in the software. The former has more optimised software than the latter. Plus, it includes more features such as foldable technology, 5G support, privacy settings, and more. You will also notice a vast difference in the user interface.

  • Cost

After discussing all the important factors, let us compare the two devices based on their price.

The cost of Z8 ranges between $90 and $100, making it an ideal option for budget buyers. If you are looking for an affordable Android set-top box with decent features, this could be a good option for you.

Now let’s talk about the cost of Z10 which is a more advanced option. If your priority is higher performance, and you don’t mind spending a few bucks extra, then opting for Z10 models would be a better choice. The price range for Z10 models is between $120 and $170.

Despite the higher price, users prefer Z10 over Z8 because of its added capabilities and features. There’s no denying that Z10 offers a lot more than Z8.

Final Verdict

After comparing Z8 and Z10, it can be concluded that the latter is the winner. It not only has four different models but also ensures a higher performance. With Z10 you get more memory storage, RAM, and the latest Android OS. However, if budget is a constraint, then Z8 may be a more suitable choice. But we will leave the final decision to you. You can choose between the two based on performance and affordability.

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